Building Debris Damages Car

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – A downtown Rockford sidewalk is reopened this afternoon, just days after a woman says piece of glass from a nearby building fell onto her car.

“A piece of glass fell onto my car and shattered out the back window,” said Martha Krebeck.

The glass fell from an old building on Main Street in Downtown Rockford last week and now Krebeck is forced to pay $4,000 in damages.

“It’s not just glass we’ve seen other parts of the building out here, pieces of metal. It could be anything at any time, falling, you know it’s a danger to our community.”

City workers condemned the building and closed the surrounding sidewalk, however building code official, Seth Sommer says the rest is up to the buildling’s owner.

“They’ve been responsible for fixing the windows, and we’ve also sent a repair letter, which they have responded to and are going to be making other necessary repairs there.”

The owner says she’s cleaned up the fallen glass and boarded up windows, however Krebeck says she’d rather see the building torn down to prevent any potential problems.

City workers say the sidewalk is safe for people to use, since the windows are now boarded up. So far, we’re told there are no redevelopment plans for the building.

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