Katrina Smith Beaten to Death

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MACHESNEY PARK (WIFR) -- There are new details in the murder investigation of Machesney Park woman Katrina Smith. Prosecutors say she was beaten to death.

Today we finally got a copy of the complaint filed against Todd Smith and while the documents don't give a lot of information, they do confirm prosecutors think she was intentionally beaten to death and her husband was the one who dumped her body in the Rock River.
Prosecutors say the crime was brutal and heinous and they will try to prove to a jury that Smith should get extra time in prison.
If he's convicted of regular first degree murder, he faces 20 to 60 years in prison. If they can prove the murder was evil, cruel, and cold-blooded...he can get up to 100 years in prison.

The Illinois Supreme Court says in order for a crime to be classified as brutal and heinous, a jury should consider whether the crime was pre-meditated, the number of wounds, the extent of the injury, and the senselessness of the crime. You may remember the case of Omarrion Jones, who beat an elderly couple to death in their home, that murder was considered brutal and heinous.

As for the reason why there are 4 counts of murder, prosecutors have a count for each theory of their case, but in the end only one can stick. So, if he's convicted, he will only be convicted on one of those counts of murder and the others will fall by the wayside. He's back in court December 21st.

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