Boylan High School Makes Prosthetic Hand for 9-Year-Old

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – It’s a dream come true for a 9-year-old girl after Boylan High School students have made here a prosthetic hand with a 3D printer.

“Her face lit up when she heard about this so we knew it had to happen.”

“I was very excited.”

9-year-old Kylie Wicker has been waiting weeks for the moment to try on her new prosthetic hand. She was born without fingers on her left hand because of the lack of blood flow while in utero. It’s a condition her mom Sharon says always made Kylie feel different from the other kids.

“She would come home and didn’t like the staring,” Sharon said. “It’s not that they were being mean in any way, it’s just more of being curious and not understanding at all.”

Now Kylie won’t have to worry about too many stares thanks to several students at Boylan Catholic High School. In just two weeks, the engineering class made her a prosthetic hand using a 3D printer.

“It’s amazing to see how far the little fingers and then the little pieces that go together to see how they work and then to see them on her hand is amazing.”

Kylie says she can’t wait to ride her bike this summer.

“I can grab both handle bars and steer a little bit better.”

Sharon says they plan to get Kylie another hand when she gets older. Boylan students are also making another prosthetic hand for an 11-year-old boy in Rockford.

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