Boone County Sheriff's Department Releases Results of Labor Day Patrols

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BOONE COUNTY (WIFR) -- The Boone County Sheriff's Department recently completed extra patrols for the Labor Day holiday.

The Sheriff's Department worked 7 DUI patrols, totaling 54 hours. The patrols resulted in 2 DUI arrests and one Zero Tolerance arrest. There was also a charge of consumption of alcoholic liquor by a minor, 3 uninsured motorists' tickets, 2 seat belt tickets, and 15 speeding tickets.

Deputies also worked a total of 143 hours performing seat belt enforcement zones. These were conducted during both day and nighttime hours. Deputies wrote 57 seat belt tickets, 4 child restraint violations, 15 uninsured motorists, and 2 motorists were issued for cell phone use.

Also during these patrols there were 3 drug arrests and one person was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

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