Boone County Neighbors Cope With Hail Damage

BOONE COUNTY (WIFR) -- Homeowners across the Stateline don't just have photos to remember Saturday's hail storm, they also have some costly damage on their roofs and gutters.

Crews with Apex Exteriors went out Sunday to do free inspections for homeowners in Boone County. Those crews reported some homes got hit with 2 inch hail, knocking out the skylights at multiple homes in one Belvidere neighborhood. The hail also dented the vents on a lot of roofs in one section of Poplar Grove. Crews say it's important to get things checked out now to prevent more costly damage later on this spring.

"What happens when hail hits a shingle, it leaves bruising and indentation, and there's a fracture in the matting. Over time the UV sun heats your roof up and it expands and contracts, it will finally expand so far that the matting can tear and the water can get in behind the shingle and the decking and cause a potential leak," says Brandon Rhymer from Apex Exteriors.

Homeowners should check to see if a company is accredited with the local Better Business Bureau before they let anyone make repairs on their house.

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