Boone County Health Department Announces New Smoke-Free Campus

BOONE COUNTY (WIFR) -- The Boone County Health Department has announced that the Boone County Board has passed a resolution making the Logan Ave. campus smoke-free.

The new policy will assure that no smoking will be allowed on the grounds or in the parking lot of the county owned property on Logan Ave.

“We are taking this step to further ensure a smoke-free environment to everyone who visits the offices housed on the Logan Ave. campus. This will include not only the Health Department, but also the Assessor, County Clerk, County Treasurer, Building and Zoning, Geographic Information Systems and Administrative offices of Boone County.” said Bob Walberg, Boone County Board Chairman.

On January 1, 2008 Illinois enacted the Smoke-free Illinois Act, the strongest clean indoor air law in the country. The new smoke-free campus policy will be implemented on the fifth year anniversary of the legislation.

“Every Health Department strongly supported the Smoke-free Illinois Act, and many are now opting to become Smoke-free campuses,” said Cynthia Frank, Boone County Health Department Administrator. “As this county’s public health leader, I am pleased that the County Board has acted on our recommendation to make our campus smoke-free. In doing this we further promote the good health of our employees and clients, and set the highest standard for health awareness in our community.”

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