Bond Referendum Push

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- With the election eleven days away, the Better Schools, Brighter Future committee is stepping up efforts to encourage residents to vote yes for District 205's bond referendum. The Better Schools Committee had a fundraising goal of $220,000, which it met. That money is being used to campaign and apparently it's working. Hundreds of people have requested yard signs in support of the referendum.

If voters approve the referendum, that will allow District 205 to take out bonds to fix up old buildings. It's part of the schools' 10-year facilities plan. Yesterday the committee sent out mailers and they'll send out more next week. They'll even make calls the day before the election. One committee member says they've received a lot of support, but some concern as well.

"Any time someone has expressed resistance it's been more that they didn't fully understand it. We have a lot of parents who have been answering questions off the site and I think each time we've seen greater acceptance," said Lorayne Logan.

Some of those questions have to do with taxes. The bonds are not expected to increase taxes since they're replacing existing bonds, and they're 20-year bonds.

If you have a question or concern you can submit it on the Better Schools Brighter Future website or ""> Facebook page. Logan says they will answer all questions.

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