Boeing Looking into Rockford Suppliers

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – It’s only been a couple months since Rockford was a finalist for a massive Boeing factory and today the aerospace giant was back in the Forest City looking for fresh faces and talking new partnerships which could mean new jobs.

Mike Abrahams says business is good now, however the president of Rockford manufacturer Excelsior says a partnership with Boeing would mean exponential growth for his company.

“It’s very difficult to get into a company like Boeing and have them come to Rockford to meet with local suppliers. It’s a great opportunity,” said Abrahams.

Boeing held a supplier symposium at Rockford Airport meeting with more than two dozen Stateline company executives.

"We’d like to get them to understand there’s a lot of small companies around here that they can do business with and do very well with,” says Ingenium Technologies Principle Paul Wild.

Right at the end of last year, Rockford was one of five finalists for a new Boeing factory. Since then, local reps and city leaders have been hard at work trying to bring the Fortune 500 company back into town to talk to future businesses.

“I think it probably helped," said Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger. "This is something we’ve had in the works for a bit, but I think after they looked at Rockford and saw actually what it has to offer, you’d take a second look at it.”

Boeing says they were impressed with what they say in their last visit.

“I think that the opportunities are endless," said Boeing's Small Business Liaison Champagne Bell-Miller. "I believe there’s an opportunity not only to engage with and partner with the Rockford suppliers, but there’s also a continued opportunity for us to explore some international opportunities with Rockford."

Boeing met one-on-one with representatives from over two dozen local companies today and each will get a chance to make a presentation to Boeing on why they should be partners.

Today was sort of a meet and greet between local business owners and Boeing. It could take up to a year before any partnerships are actually created.

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