Boone Co. Board Votes Down Ordinance; Opens Doors to Wind Farms

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BOONE COUNTY (WIFR) – The Boone County Board voted 6-6 on an ordinance that would have placed tighter restrictions on where wind turbines could be built in the county. Because of the split vote the ordinance failed.

Supporters of the ordinance said the ordinance would keep home owners safety in mind and those who opposed the ordinance says it would have made it impossible to attract wind companies to the county.

Tonight's decision came only after hours of discussion and most of it very passionate. At times the crowd was unruly in their response to speakers. The night ended with the county being right where it has been since this debate began years ago at that has some folks very frustrated.

"We start to whole fight over again," said board member Denny Ellingson who voted in favor of the ordinance. "It's just the continuation of problems and as you saw by the crowd here tonight, the split community that something like this causes."

Property owners who have already signed contracts leasing land out to wind energy companies were very happy with tonight's vote.

Board members and residents alike said tonight's vote is not the end of this issue and debate.

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