Airfest May be Grounded Monday

STATELINE (WIFR) -- It’s been nearly a month since mandatory federal spending cuts began, but they’re about to claim another victim. The navy’s legendary “Blue Angels” are being grounded, leaving the fate of Rockford Airfest up in the air.

Right now the naval aviators are still practicing in Florida, performing dare devil stunts at nearly 700 miles per hour. No one has found a way to loop around the mandatory federal budget cuts that will ground the squadron beginning next Monday. The Blue Angels usually perform in about 70 shows a year. Four of their April shows have already been cancelled and if the Navy axes all the rest of their performances, it would save $20 million dollars.

Right now, we are just waiting further guidance to find out what will happen to the Blue Angels practices as we go into April and May. Leaders at RFD hope to know by Monday if the Blue Angels will cancel their Stateline performance in June. Director Mike Dunn tells us if they can’t come, Airfest might be cancelled.

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