Blizzard Hits Hard in Wisconsin

WISCONSIN (WIFR) -- Most of our area missed the brunt of the blizzard. Madison, just an hour to the north picked up 20 inches of snow. Utility crews are working to restore power to tens of thousands of customers across south central Wisconsin. Most students in the area were home for their second snow day because drifting snow is making travel treacherous across quite a few main roads, and crews are still trying to catch up.

Roads were so bad, it took three ambulances and a snow plow to get a pregnant woman to a Janesville hospital last night. Apparently, she got stuck in the snow on highway 14.

Clinton first responders were unable to get to her. The woman walked over to a private ambulance that was also stuck, before Janesville dispatched one of theirs. Finally, crews sent out a county snowplow to dig out that third ambulance, which safely brought the woman to Saint Mary’s. We are told she was not quite ready to deliver her baby.

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