Black Friday Chaos

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- A new approach to Black Friday this year, as more than one hundred local stores open at midnight or earlier.

Not even one minute into Black Friday, more than one hundred local stores lit up their open signs and welcomed thousands of shoppers.

"I was here for the experience more than anything else."

Andre Deleon and his friends spent a week camping outside Best Buy for a new flat screen TV. The group lead a line that wrapped around the building until midnight.

Deleon says his strategy is to “just push people over, grab my stuff, and get out.”

Nearly the entire CherryVale Mall opened at midnight, leaving what appeared to be smaller crowds than last year in the late morning and afternoon.

Shoppers are expected to spend $7 billion today in stores across the nation, making up for what some analysts believe is 10% of the revenue that comes in during the holidays.

With deals now starting a day before Black Friday, some shoppers say the Thanksgiving holiday is no longer about turkeys, but the early birds.

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