Bishop Malloy Issues Statement to Parishes on Proposal to Redefine Marriage

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Bishop David J. Malloy, head of the Catholic Diocese of Rockford, today sent a statement to all pastors on the current proposal before the Illinois legislature to redefine marriage by legalizing marriage for same sex couples.

Bishop Malloy has asked all pastors to read the statement at Masses held in churches in the 11-county diocese this weekend, January 5-6, and, if possible, to include the statement in church bulletins.

The statement, issued in English and Spanish, states that at issue in the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act “is not a political or a policy question, but a fundamental statement about society itself.”

In his statement, Bishop Malloy reminds Catholics that “Our Catholic faith teaches us to love our brothers and sisters; all of them. We respect the human dignity of every person as created in the image and likeness of God. But we must, at the same time, respect and support the protection of the fundamental human relationship that confirms the complementary nature that we bear. That is, marriage as an exclusive commitment between a man and a woman.”

Bishop Malloy concludes his letter by urging Catholics to contact their legislators in opposition of this legislation.

Bishop Malloy’s letter is available at

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