Bishop Malloy Issues Statement on IL Senate Vote to Legalize Gay Marriage

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Below is a statement issued by Bishop David Malloy of the Catholic Diocese of Rockford on the Illinois Senate vote to lift the state's ban on gay marriage:

DIOCESE OF ROCKFORD, IL—FEBRUARY 14, 2013— Bishop David J. Malloy, head of the Catholic Diocese of Rockford, issued a statement today responding to the action of the Illinois Senate to redefine marriage by legalizing marriage for same sex couples.
“Our faith teaches us to love all our brothers and sisters made in God's image and likeness and we are to do so with respect for God's plan. Today’s Senate action does not respect that plan or our human nature.

Today’s Senate vote to redefine marriage in the State of Illinois is a deplorable misstep that will serve to erode the very strength and foundation of our society. Redefining marriage as being between “two persons” rather than between “one man and one woman” ignores the unique nature of this institution that is based in the complementarity of men and women and is intimately linked to the procreation and raising of children who have a right to a mother and a father.
The continued push to pass the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, is not a push for religious freedom and it is in no way a fairness to the people in the State of Illinois.”

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