Better Schools Brighter Future Supports Dist. 205 Referendum

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The Rockford Public School District is asking for our votes in order to move forward with its 10-year facilities plan to upgrade all schools.

That is where Better Schools Brighter Future comes in. The campaign supported by community leaders and members, just relaunched today.

It's the same campaign we saw in 2012 when voters were asked to allow the school district to sell bonds to help pay for these school improvements. This time, the referendum will ask us for permission to build new schools to help replace eight older buildings that are closing.

"I think what's most important is that we continue to seek community input, make strong communication between Dist. 205 and parents, so that challenges in moving schools or families that have to change schools because they're closing, are minimized," said Wester Wuori, a parent and member of Next Rockford.

"I think as a mom and taxpayer and as a teacher, I know that learning environments play a crucial role in the education of all our students," said Dawn Granath, a parent and president of the Rockford Education Association.

The referendum that passed in 2012 did not include "new schools" in the language. That's why the district is going to voters again this November, to make sure it's okay.

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