Better Rockford Today Holds Ward Meeting

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Today, people were talking about ways not only to improve our school district, but also our city at the Better Rockford Today ward meeting.

Residents in the 6th and 11th wards got the chance to talk to their aldermen along with Mayor Larry Morrissey and Rockford Police Assistant Deputy Chief Doug Pann.

During these forums, people are given the chance to air their grievances and voice their input on what could be done to improve their area.

Alderman Marcus Hill says that no matter who you are, you're opinion is important.

"For you to get a chance to talk to the people and the staff that help run this city, it's an awesome thing," said Hill. "A lot of times, when you're running the city from the top, you never get a chance to talk to the people at the bottom and the people at the bottom mean a lot to this city. Therefore, we want to know what you need."

The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday April 5 with the 4th Ward Alderman Kevin Frost. The event will be held at Presence Cor Mariea Center.

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