Belvidere School Board Candidates Discuss Budget Crisis at Community Forum

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BELVIDERE (WIFR) – The Belvidere School Board is considering closing two of the district's elementary schools to try to fix a budget crisis. Some parents in the area say they aren't happy about that and tonight they had a chance to voice their concern at a school board candidate forum.

About ninety people filled the Belvidere Community Building. Candidates took part in a panel forum where they answered the crowd's questions about what each of them would do specifically to fix the budget crisis if they were elected. The candidates said an easy solution just doesn't exist, and that some schools may need to be closed in order to save the district nearly $4,000,000.

Some parents say though they understand the argument, it still doesn't make them feel any better.

"I've got big decisions to make,” says Holly Houk. Her daughter goes to Kishwaukee School which is one of the schools on the list to be closed- the other being Perry Elementary. “Do I think I'll stay here...I don't know...I'm gonna look and do what's best for my child and her education."

"We don't have the luxury of not doing anything,” said Karla Maville. Who's running for a spot on the school board. She says, “no one wants to close schools. No one wants to cut programs. No one likes that at all and we're gonna have to make some serious decisions here."

Some candidates also said they hope the current board doesn't rush closing the schools because it may make their job harder when they take over.

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