Belvidere Murder Victim's Family Speaks Out

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BELVIDERE (WIFR) – The family of the man murdered in Belvidere on Sunday is speaking out to clear his name. Richard Herman’s cousin says he’s not the man police made him out to be.

“He’s not this gang person everyone is making him out to be."

Ricky Herman’s cousin says she wants to set the record straight.

"He’s a very kind hearted person, he has the biggest heart in the world," said Linda Sparks, Herman's cousin.

The 33-year-old was shot and killed Sunday night at a gas station in Belvidere. Police say Herman was in a gang. His family says that’s not true.

“He had tattoos so I think that makes people think that but definitely far from it, far from a gang member, far from it. Only because he got hurt by one doesn’t mean he is one.”
Ricky or “Slickums” as they called him was a father of four girls, ages 9 to 14 and his cousin says his family was everything.

“He was an amazing dad, an amazing family member, I mean he loved everybody. There was not one person in this family that at one point or another he would be like, I love you, you’re my favorite, you know? Everyone was his favorite.”

Herman moved to Belvidere from Joliet to stay out of trouble and to make sure he wouldn’t end up running with the wrong crowd. His cousins say that makes his murder even harder to understand.

“It’s just heartbreaking.”

Herman’s family doesn’t think he knew the suspects. They were told he was in the gas station and there was some bumping and maybe some words exchanged and they say when he walked outside they shot him.

Police haven’t made any arrests, but they’re looking for two suspects, Deontae Murray and Marco Hernandez.

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