Belvidere Mayoral Candidate Interviews

BELVIDERE (WIFR) -- As the municipal election draws closer, we want to make sure you head into that voting booth with the knowledge you need to cast a ballot. We'll share interviews with the candidates up until April 9th.

From Belvidere, here's what mayoral candidates have to say about the role they think the Mural City should play as part of the larger Stateline region.

"When it comes to bigger projects like airport expansion, and different things like that that's going to benefit the whole community, we need to work with Growth Dimensions, and the Rockford Council on development and build up those relationships," Independent Candidate Mark Sanderson said.

I believe that working with surrounding communities means opening our doors to their people, people of these communities," said Independent Candidate Edward Marx.

"We work well with any other local government that will work with the city. This city is always out there with a hand to help," Democrat Andrew Racz said.

"I don't want to see us ever lose control of our community, or give away the store, so to speak, but I think we can co-exist on larger projects and maintain that special hometown feel that we have here in Belvidere," said Republican Candidate Mike Chamberlain.

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