UPDATE: Horns Replaced on Bessie the Cow

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UPDATE: JANESVILLE (WIFR) -- Janesville’s landmark “Bessie the Cow” statue has been restored to her former glory.

A couple weeks ago we told you that Bessie’s horns had been removed from her head. Body shop workers with CARSTAR have been donating their time and resources to build a new pair. Today they installed them with the help of two bucket-trucks from LP Tree Service.
“It’s obviously well loved by the community, it’s been here a long time, and we do feel a really strong attachment to her at this point,” said Al Utzig of Utzig CARSTAR Collision Service Center

Bessie has been towering over Janesville since the 1960’s.

JANESVILLE (WIFR) – A unique situation in Janesville has police and the entire community searching for missing pieces to a famous cow that has been in the area since the 1960’s.

It’s "udderly" impossible to avoid the two-story 1,500 pound farm animal on the side of Route 26 in Janesville. Her name is Bessie and while she’s hard to miss, some of her pieces are now becoming difficult to spot.

The mega cow’s horns were found far from her head, a large stool that sat near her udders smashed, and a metal bucket is now missing.
“They just stole it.”

Bill Simonson made that famous bucket as a practical joke. In fact, he slipped the steel under Bessie in 2009 strictly for laughs.
I made two of them right away, a practical joke doesn’t go without a back-up plan.

That “back-up plan” also holds true for the dairy cow’s restoration. Body shop workers with a Car-Star are volunteering their time and resources to remount Bessie’s horns. It’s the same company that gave her a complete paint make-over in 2007.

It’s a Janesville icon a lot of people like to go and see it, I went out there a couple of weeks ago with my four year-old daughter just to get her picture with it sitting on the stool.”

As the community works together to repair the 16-foot cow, she seems to have coined a new slogan…”You can’t mess with Bess.”
Janesville Police were emailed pictures of the steel bucket so they can look out for it during their patrols. The Department contacted several recycling centers to make sure the bucket wasn’t traded in for money.

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