Beloit Woman Uses Blankets to Keep the Cold Out

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Joice Blade says her December heat bill was over $200, and now she's hanging up blankets all over his windows and walls to help keep in the heat.

Some people are going that extra mile to battle the cold weather and so is Blade. She hung up blankets on her walls and windows to add extra warmth, and keep the cold out.

She says she decided to hang the blankets after her bills kept skyrocketing.

Once she saw the box of blankets laying around, unusued, the idea of pinning them around her house came to mind.

"It has made a big difference today, in just today, with the walls covered the windows covered. My heats set at 70 it's not gonna budge, it might go down but it's not going up."

She says she can already feel a difference. She says her house is alrady warmer, but tomorrows extreme cold front will be the real test to her blanket challenge.

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