Beloit Weight Loss Challenge

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BELOIT (WIFR) – A local man is donating his own money to help people lose weight and gain some confidence. The man, who is the president of the Beloit Rotary Club is offering $100 to charity for every pound his group loses.

Jim Olson says the book, started a new chapter in his life.

“It was believable for me and it worked for me and I hope other people will get the opportunity to read it too,” said Olson.

Olson and two other members of the Beloit Rotary Club had one month to lose as much weight as they could to help gain some money for charity.

“The Rotary is a favorite charity of mine and so I though I’m going to give it to the Rotary, why not have a little fun while I’m doing it?”

Olson lost 20 pounds in just one month, raising $1,600 for youth non-profits. He says the book “Why We Get Fat and What We Do About It” motivated him to lead a healthier lifestyle.

“I just followed the book, I eat bacon and eggs for every breakfast, I eat hamburgers without the bun and filet mignon for every dinner practically.”

“I read the book and decided to try to lose some weight and he said I’ll incentivize you,” said Rotary Club member Jim Van De Bogart.

So far the men have lost a combined 36 pounds and will continue to stick to what they call a more conscious way of living.

For those who lost the most weight, they say their secret is staying away from carbs. The $1,600 earned will go toward the Rotary’s charities such as Kids Against Hunger and Scholarship Money for students going to college.

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