Beloit Teacher Makes Music Videos to Teach Students

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BELOIT (WIFR) – When we think of “rap”, the word classroom doesn’t usually come to mind, but one teacher is integrating popular music to teach his students.

Middle school teacher John Honish is turning his passion for rap into a unique teaching technique.

“Going into teaching, I wanted it to be more active and engaging. I bore myself if I stand up there and just talk,” said Honish.

Now, his beat boxing is giving a new meaning to thinking outside the box.

“It’s really cool he would do something like that for us and he tries so hard to teach us.”

“Mr. Honish is really funny and he does these really funny jokes and makes everything really fun.”

Once word of his videos spread, there was no turning back.

“The kids, once they find it they just ago crazy and force me to make more, so once that secret is out and they find out I have a YouTube channel, then I know they won’t stop pestering me until I make a few new videos for them,” Honish said.

While it may seem like a form of entertainment, Honish says his students are taking away more than just a catchy beat from the videos. He says their grades are also improving.
Honish says he can spend as much as 30 hours putting together a video from start to finish.

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