Beloit Police Ticket 32 for Underage Drinking

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Thirty-two local teenagers are facing a pretty hefty fine after Beloit police ticket dozens of minors for underage drinking. Investigators say it's one of the largest busts they've dealt with in recent years.

At around two this morning, police busted a party after neighbors reported seeing drunken teenagers running out into the streets.

Police were called to a house on the 2100 block of Liberty Avenue in Beloit this morning.

When police showed up, they found a party with more than 50 people there, 32 of which were under the legal drinking age. Neighbors say these types of parties are a pretty common occurrence on their street.

"They were running into the streets, is my understanding," said neighbor Jeannine Hill. "And that, it's unsafe and unfortunate that, you know, whoever even hosted the party, if they were letting this sort of thing happen, if the parents are letting this sort of thing happen, you know, they don't know where their kids are. That's a problem."

All the underage drinkers have since been released to their guardians.

The teens were slapped with a more than 200 dollar fine.

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