Beloit Police May Remove Sticker of Fallen Officer

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For the last 13 years there's been a sticker that reads 'In Memory of #23' on the back of the Beloit Police cars to remember an officer who gave his life to his job.

Now the city's getting new cars and choosing to leave the sticker off.

In 1985, Pete Larson was shot twice in the head after responding to an emergency call. He spent the next 13 years brain dead, until his death in 1998.

Beloit remembers Larson with a sticker that reads 'In Memory of #23', but three men who have no ties to the Police Department of Officer Larson were furious when they found out the sticker wasn't going to be put on the new police cars.

The three men made a Facebook page protesting the change, and in less than 24 hours they received over 2000 Facebook likes.

"I feel its not only disrespectful to Pete Larson, but all of the policeman who come out and try and protect everybody in every city everyday."

One of the three men says he talked to Police Chief Norm Jacobs who said he'll try and talk to the authorizing board to get the sticker placed back on the cars. We tried contacting the Police Department for comment and have not heard back.

The men say the Department was going to put a thin blue line in place of the 'In Memory of #23' to remember all of the officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. However, the men say no one will understand what a thin blue line represents, and it'll be less meaningful, they say.

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