Beloit Police Department Awarded Transportation Grants

BELOIT (WIFR) -- Beloit Police is reporting that a total of $94,100.00 worth of State Department Transportation grants have been awarded to the Beloit Police Department. Chief Jacobs states this money will be used to enforce specific traffic laws to help maintain safety on the City of Beloit streets. These awards were non-competitive awards based on traffic crash data reported to the State of Wisconsin.

The three grants are as follows:
1. Beloit Police Department Seat Belt Beloit Enforcement Grant - $29,700.00 for the enforcement of seat belt laws in the City of Beloit
2. $35,000.00 for alcohol enforcement in the City of Beloit
3. $29,400.00 for speed enforcement in the City of Beloit

Money from these grants is available through September 30, 2013. Each of these grants makes overtime enforcement of these specific laws possible. These grants also require enforcement of certain laws on specific days; in particular the Alcohol Enforcement Grant requires special enforcement before major holidays.

The Beloit Police Department wishes to remind citizens of Beloit, that personal loss, property, and wages from crashes in our community are more than the number loss from crimes reported on weekly bases. Traffic engineering, enforcement and education have reduced crashes in our community over the years. These grants will continue to enforce our efforts to make the highways even safer.

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