Beloit Neighbor Helps Rescue Man From Burning Car

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BELOIT (WIFR) -- A Beloit man is in the hospital but lucky to be alive after being pulled from a burning car Sunday morning, thanks in part to a quick acting neighbor.

The Beloit Fire Department says crews were called to a home in the 800 block of 8th Street for a car on fire. Firefighters got there around 4:30 Sunday morning to find a vehicle in the driveway consumed in flames. One of the residents, Cody Fink, had been pulled out of the burning car. A neighbor, James Watkins, says he and his wife heard the noise and called 911. Watkins also alerted the family to the car on fire in their driveway and watched as Fink's father broke the car's back window and pulled his son away from the flames.

"It was pretty much disbelief, I couldn't believe there was some one in the car.I thought maybe some one was warming the car up and there was a problem with the car," says neighbor James Watkins. "I wouldn't say probably 30 seconds after we got him out of the car, the car completely erupted into flames. I don't think I did anything anyone else wouldn't have done so I'm just glad he's OK."

Fink's family says he is recovering in the hospital and should go home Monday. Family members say Fink would have likely died if Watkins hadn't called 911.

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