UPDATE: Grandmother Sentenced in Baby's Fatal Overdose

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UPDATE: BELOIT (WIFR) -- A Beloit woman will spend the next year in jail for handing over a drug that led to the death of her granddaughter.

52-year-old Tina Strommen will also be on probation for 10 years for giving methadone to her daughter, Tallie Strommen. Part of that pill then got into her 1-year-old granddaughter’s system back in December 2013, resulting in her death.

Tallie Strommen pleaded guilty to child neglect causing death and was sentenced to five years in prison back in March.

UPDATE: BELOIT (WIFR) – A Rock County woman will go to prison for five years for the drug-induced death of her baby.

A judge also sentenced Tallie Strommen to five years of extended supervision for child neglect causing death.

Strommen’s one-year-old daughter died in Janesville near the end of 2013 from ingesting methadone. The grandmother of the child, Tina Strommen, pleaded guilty last month to delivery of methadone.

UPDATE: BELOIT (WIFR) -- Tina Strommen, the grandmother of a Beloit toddler killed in a methadone overdose has changed her plea from reckless homicide to delivery of methadone.

Authorities say in 2013, Strommen gave methadone pills to her 24-year-old daughter Tallie who allegedly gave her baby part of the pill.

Tallie remains in jail charged with child neglect causing death.

UPDATE: BELOIT (WIFR) – A Beloit woman say she’s guilty of using methadone to kill her one year old, in what she calls an accidental overdose. Tallie Strommen pleaded guilty to the crime today after her child died last winter.

Detectives say after interrogating her, she admitted to giving the child part of a methadone pill so the baby could go to sleep. The baby’s grandmother, Tina Strommen, also pleaded guilty to first degree reckless homicide and will be sentenced in two weeks.

UPDATE: Janesville (WIFR) – The grandmother of the 13-month-old Beloit baby killed in a methadone overdose has been arrested for allegedly providing the drug.

51-year-old Tina Strommen of Beloit was booked on first degree reckless homicide charges. She faces the same charge as her daughter Tallie who allegedly gave baby K’myah a portion of a methadone pill before bed last Christmas.

Police say that Wisconsin law allows for anyone involved in the distribution of a drug that causes a death to be charged with the same crime.

Janesville police say Tina had a prescription for methadone.

Tina has been released and will be back in court in March.

23-year-old Tallie Strommen remains in jail on $20,000 bond.

UPDATE: JANESVILLE (WIFR) – We’re learning more details about how a 13-month-old Rock County baby died of a drug overdose.
Janesville Police say the child’s mother claims she gave her daughter a portion of a methadone pill so the baby could go to sleep.

According to the criminal complaint from the Rock County Circuit Court, Tallie Strommen originally lied to police claiming she only gave her daughter a cookie the night the baby died back in December.

Investigators say Strommen admits to taking two and a half pills of methadone, claiming she put the other half in her pocket. Police say Strommen tried to blame someone else for possibly giving her daughter the drug which is commonly used to treat heroin addicts.

JANESVILLE (WIFR) – A toxicology report released today shows a 13-month old Rock County baby has died from a drug overdose and now the girl’s mom is facing reckless homicide charges.

Janesville Police say 23-year-old Tallie Strommen didn’t even have a prescription for the drug methadone which she admitted she gave to her baby. 13-month-old K’myah Strommen.

“This child had lethal range of methadone in its system.”

Lieutenant Keith Lawver says Tallie Strommen was arrested after being questioned last night. This comes about six weeks after police found her daughter K’myah dead inside the Janesville apartment.

Investigators say they don’t have a motive yet and they’re not sure if Tallie had a drug problem. Methadone is a drug commonly used as a pain reliever and to treat heroin addictions. Lawver says police are still trying to figure out where the drugs came from.

“I don't know if we'll ever know what size of a portion of a tablet that the mother gave to young K'myah but it was too much and should've never happened in the first place."

Strommen had been staying with a friend in Beloit since her baby’s death. The friend says she’s shocked to hear the news on how K’myah died. Stromment is being held in the Rock County Jail.

It’s still unclear as to why the mother gave her daughter the methodone. Experts say they can’t even imagine giving methadone to a child because even a small dose is deadly for a baby. We’re told this is a pure opiate and if given to a child, you’d see the effects right away because the baby would fall into a deep sleep and stop breathing. Experts say you’d start to see a child’s lips and fingers turn blue right away.

JANESVILLE (AP) -- A Janesville mother in in custody after police say her 1-year-old child died from a drug overdose.

A 23 year-old- Tallie Strommen of Beloit was arrested Tuesday and is currently being held in the Rock County jail.

An autopsy and toxicology tests completed last week revealed the child died from an overdose of methadone.

After Detectives interrogated the mother, she finally admitted giving the child part of a methadone pill before the child died Dec. 26 in Janesville.

It is unknown why the mother gave the child the pill.

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