Beloit Fire K9 Nominated for Award

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BELOIT (WIFR) – Last year, nearly 30% of fires in Beloit turned out to be intentional which doubles the national average and the high number of Arsons can lead to critical time being taken away from firefighters doing other work.

Beloit Fire Lieutenant Keith Lynn and his trusted K-9 Glory are a team like no other, since joining the department in September, the duo has worked on 16 emergencies and are known for finding the source of the fire.

“The dogs are used to go in and sniff out trace evidence left over and then we use the evidence that we collect to prosecute people that commit crimes like arson.”

The yellow lab is a semi-finalist for the American Human Associations’ Hero Dog Awards, which recognizes canines doing extraordinary things.

Lynn says that without Glory it would take the department anywhere from 10 hours to three days to trace the fire. The four-legged friend also helps crew save resources.

“The biggest thing it does is that it cuts down on the amount of money that our fire department has to spend trying to solve a case because we’re not there as long.

It shortens that time up and it actually helps us develop a better case when we go to prosecute for arson because we have better evidence,” says Lynn.

Lynn says that Glory is a great dog on the job, but what makes her a real hero is the 2-year-old’s ability to relieve everyone’s stress at the station.

“We don’t always see a lot of good things. There’s bad things we see too and what the dog does is that it can sometimes sense that she can help comfort that person and help them get through that.“

If Glory wins, $1,500 will be awarded to their charity partner “Project Paws Alive.” The finals are in Hollywood.

Voting for the semi-finals of the Hero Dog Awards is open through June 30th and if you want to vote for Glory you can do so here:

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