Race for a Casino in the Stateline

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- As the likelihood of a Ho-Chunk Nation Casino in Beloit becomes more and more likely, hopes for a Rockford casino are dwindling.

Many in the Rockford area were upset with Quinn’s decision to veto a bill that would have brought a casino to the city. Senator Dave Syverson tells us the opportunity to override that veto has come and gone.

Though the deadline has passed to override, Syverson says a revised draft to a gambling bill could be voted on during the lame duck session in January, he is doubtful one will pass. But in Beloit, the Bureau of Indian Affairs is holding a hearing next Thursday regarding the environmental impact of the proposed Ho-Chunk Casino in Wisconsin.

"Rockford was all in behind casino expansion such that it included Rockford in any bill that passed and the Governor signed. You know, that continues to be our message to the Governor that we see casino expansion as part of a bigger picture of what could help revitalize our economy," said RACVB President John Groh.

"This is a good sign. It means the application is actively being processed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and this is a part of the processing requirement. So this is a positive indicator,” Groh added.

Senator Syverson says if a new proposal is not drafted for the January third through January eighth lame duck session, a new attempt will be made in the spring by a whole new legislature.

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