Bell Family Reacts to Task Force Ruling

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A Winnebago County Grand Jury ruled deadly force was necessary in the police shooting death of Logan Bell. 23 News met with Bell's pastor to find out how the family is responding to the news.

The family of Logan Bell is grieving all over again for the death of the 18-year-old man, after a task force sided in favor with the three police officers involved in the shooting.

State's Attorney Joe Bruscato announced the findings of the Integrity Task Force in a press conference yesterday. The Winnebago County Grand Jury ruled police did what they had to in October, when three officers shot Logan Bell 16 times, after he refused to lower his weapon. Reverend Kenneth R. Board says the Bell family is devastated by the task force's decision.

"But right now the family is just grieving. It's like Logan has been dug up from the ground and his funeral is being held all over again. It's like praying all over again. I'm wearing black today because my heart is broken,” said Reverend Board.

Bell's family was the one to have initially called police because they feared he was going to hurt himself. A medical expert testified Bell's death is considered "suicide by cop."

Reverend Board says the family didn't want to speak to the media, and just wants to grieve in private.

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