Bar and County Battle over Noise Complaints

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The 2 Wheel Inn is too loud according to Winnebago County Board Member L.C. Wilson.

So loud he's pushing for a new ordinance that will force the establishment and others in unincorporated Rockford to permanently close their doors and shut their windows to keep noise down.

"It's a quality of life issue," said Wilson.

2 Wheel Inn owners say Wilson has been bothering the bar for years about the same issue and say they always comply but it never seems to satisfy the board member.

"They keep on putting ordinances and rules and we'll follow them and it seems to be that we'll keep following them and following them," said 2 Wheel Inn bartender Lindze Holcomb. "They keep getting tighter on us."

Wilson has made several complaints directly to the county sheriff's police in regards to noise levels at the Two Wheel Inn but hopes the new ordinance will give the county more power over what punishments can be given if a place like Two Wheel Inn doesn't comply.

When asked if he has a personal vendetta against the Two Wheel Inn, Wilson said, "... I would say partially true. The only reason I did what I did is not just because of me but because of the residents."

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