Bar Fundraises for Children's Home

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A local bar owner is donating revenue from a gambling machine to an organization dear to his heart.

Joe Pendergrass hopes the pull-tab machine in his Sports Page bar on Broadway could raise as much as 30-thousand dollars per year for the Walter Lawson Children's Home.

Pendergrass' disabled son has been living at the home for more than thirty years, and says he's forever grateful to the organization. The owner says he fundraises for the organization because of steep funding cuts.

"You know, life's a gift. You're here one time. And these kids, they have just as much right to have that kind of life that we have as we do. And Walter Lawson provides that. And it's just a fantastic facility."

Along with the pull tab machine, Pendergrass holds an annual golf tournament in September with all proceeds going to the Walter Lawson.

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