Bainport on National Stage

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Earlier today, dozens of Sensata workers got a call telling them their services weren't going to be needed over the weekend because the factory won't be open.

"I talked to a couple other people that got their phone calls, and they said, they asked if it was because of what's all going on across over here on our camp, and they said 'yes' and more so that they felt threatened," said Sensata employee Bobby Ballard.

Hundreds came out to Bainport to watch a live broadcast of MSNBC's left-leaning Ed Schultz show. The show is featuring Sensata workers' fight to save the 170 jobs being outsourced to China. Some fans of The Ed Show drove several hours to show their support.

"I would say that it's the whole story of what's going on in the country, of all the millions of jobs that have gone to China. And he had some callers from Freeport that were very passionate," said Al Whitmon, who traveled two hours to the event.

Bainport protesters say hopefully this national media attention can help stop outsourcing of more American jobs.

"I hope that more companies take a look at this and think twice about outsourcing their jobs to Mexico or China, or anywhere besides the United States," said Joanne Penniston, who loses her Sensata position in two months.

The excitement doesn't end tonight for Bainport. Saturday, workers say Rev. Al Sharpton will be stopping by the campsite to meet with Sensata workers.

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