'Bainport' Blocks Equipment Removal

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FREEPORT (WIFR) -- It's been 21 days since Sensata workers created "Bainport" and today they reached a turning point.

The beginning of the end reared its head to the dozens of protesting Sensata workers this morning. Workers whose jobs are being outsourced within the next month have been camping out across the street from the plant in protest for three weeks in a community they're calling “Bainport”.

Members of the “Bainport” tent community say two trucks pulled into the factory lot around 6 this morning to begin removing machinery from the building, and sending it over to China.

Once the truck pulled in, about a dozen members from “Bainport” and other supporters from the outside community blocked the entrance so cargo could not go in or out.

"It sinks it in even deeper because, you know, even though we can't see what's going on the other side of those trucks, we know what's going on. And they're loading up pieces of equipment that people have run in that plant for years and years and years, and they're sending them up to China," said Tom Gaulrapp, a Leading Sensata Protester.

The “Bainport” protestors were told to leave the area by police at around 2:00 this afternoon. Members from “Bainport” say they will block the street once again if they see another truck coming.

We've left several messages for Sensata, since Bainport first popped up three weeks ago. We have yet to get a response from the company, and could not confirm if the trucks were in fact removing machinery this morning.

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