Bagel Place Moving Into Mary's Market

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UPDATE: For those missing Seedy Stix and homemade bagels, there’s a new home for The Bagel Place.

All Mary’s Market locations in the Rockford area will now be selling goods from The Bagel Place. All of the same staff from the bagel bakery will still be preparing the bagels as well. The business closed back in June near State Street and Fairview after over 30 years.

"I hope that we can maintain The Bagel Place clientele and just get the excitement going again and maybe eventually put a twist on some bagels and a twist on some cream cheese,” said Mary’s Market owner Stephanie Koch.

Mary’s Market says it will soon add bagel breakfast and lunch sandwiches to its menu as well.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – If you missed the taste of New York Style bagels in the last two months since the Bagel Place in Rockford closed its doors, don’t worry. We’ll soon be able to enjoy those bagels at another Rockford restaurant.

Starting in the next month, we’ll be able to buy Bagel Place’s bagels from Mary’s Market on East State Street. Owners from the Market say they bought the Bagel Place in hopes of saving a Rockford tradition.

The Bagel Place will now set up shop in Mary’s Market and those original recipe bagels will be added to the menu Now, workers are moving baking equipment to the Mary’s Market on East State Street. The bagel shop unexpectedly closed in June after serving customers for more than 30 years. Owners say customers can’t wait to get their hands on more bagels.

“It was amazing. It was amazing to see how loyal the guests were to the Bagel Place and how excited they are that we’re able to maintain a legacy in Rockford here at Mary’s Market,” said Mary’s Market owner Stephanie Koch.

“It was like my legacy. My life legacy, my retirement and there it goes down the drain. I was so happy when Stephanie approached me, how about we join here? Now we’re joined together,” said Bagel Place owner Alice Anderson.

Anderson says thanks to this deal, they haven’ had to lay off any employees, saying all workers will be at each Mary’s Market location.
Bagels will be available at all Mary’s Market locations. Koch says they’re also looking at new spaces to expand in Rockford and surrounding areas.

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