Automakers Report Double Digit Gains in August

DETROIT (AP) -- Strong sales of pickup trucks and small cars have resulted in double-digit gains for automakers last month.

Toyota posted the biggest gain, with sales up nearly 23 percent over August of last year. Nissan sales were up 22 percent, the best August in company history. At GM, sales were up almost 15 percent -- for the company's best gain since September of 2008. Ford and Chrysler each reported 12 percent gains.

It was Chrysler's best August in six years, and Toyota's best month in more than five years.

Industry analysts say August could be the best sales month since May of 2007, when gasoline prices of $3 a gallon set off panic buying of fuel-efficient vehicles.

This time, small cars did well again, but they weren't the only big sellers. Analysts say consumers are buying everything from tiny Honda Fits to big pickup trucks, as an improving economy keeps pushing auto sales higher.

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