Attorneys For Suspects Speak Out in Pendleton Case

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CHICAGO (AP) -- An attorney for a man charged in the shooting death of a 15-year-old girl says his client was denied his request to speak to a lawyer for 48 hours. The other suspect's attorney says his client never admitted taking part in the shooting as prosecutors contend he did.

Both attorneys spoke to reporters after a Cook County judge ordered 18-year-old Michael Ward and 20-year-old Kenneth Williams held without bail on Tuesday. The men are charged in the Jan. 29 death of Hadiya Pendleton. The majorette was killed just days after performing at events for President Barack Obama's inauguration.

Ward's attorney, Jeff Granich, angrily accused the police of violating his client's rights. Williams' attorney, Matthew McQuaid, also denied that Williams is a gang member as prosecutors allege.

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