Assistant State's Attorney Under Investigation

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – She’s usually protecting the innocent, but now a local prosecutor is defending her actions in the courtroom.

Winnebago County Assistant State’s Attorney Brenda Quade is accused of not following court procedures during a trial in 2010.

23 News was able to obtain a complaint filed against Quade with the board that disciplines attorneys. According to the papers, the witness who pointed his finger at the defendant, took back his confession.

Quade was required to tell the defense, something the complaint says she never did. The Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s office is not representing Quade in the investigation, and won’t comment specifically on her actions, but is cooperating with the board that’s looking into the matter.

“Ultimately, they will probably result in a hearing and when that hearing is completed, we will comply with whatever is required as a result of that hearing.”

It’s a process that could take months. After looking at the information, the board could decide to close the case or continue with a hearing, where it would rule whether Quade, broke procedure. It would then make a recommendation to the Supreme Court which has the final say. Depending on the Supreme Court’s decision, Quade could be in some legal trouble.

While the investigation continues, it’s work as usual for Quade in the State’s Attorney’s Office.

The trial in 2010 ended with a not guilty verdict. Quade has been with the State’s Attorney’s Office since 2001. We spoke with her attorney this afternoon who did not want to comment.

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