Arts Helping RPS Students Learn Math

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Math isn't the easiest subject to understand, in fact sometimes it can be quite the challenge. That's why some kids in Rockford Public Schools are getting a little more hands-on to help them.

It's part of District 205's new Arts Infusion Program where they incorporate Arts and Math for students who need a little extra help.

"We have so many diverse learners so maybe one reason they're struggling in a typical classroom might be because they're thinking in different parts of the brain that they're more used to being able to use, (typically those areas) are not getting activated, so using that in Arts and that part of the brain, we're hoping to see some success," said sixth grade Kennedy Middle School math teacher Suzanne Delgado.

They've seen that success in Delgado's classroom, test scores have been rising since the program started a month ago.

Jeremy Klonicki, owner of MainFraiM in Rockford, is helping these kids make lamps, which is helping kids understand ratios, proportions and perimeters.

"They're learning about some angles also in there so they're incorporating a lot of different math concepts and getting to create this amazing project," said Delgado.

Students say it's exciting.

Sixth-grader Melisa Torres explains, "Doing arts and crafts and learning at the same time."

Kids take turns working on the lamps and using iPads to help conquer the subject of math. The lamp-making is just one project; students also use things like theater and dance to learn math.

This class is in addition to students' regular math class, they take it in place of an elective slot. The program is also offered at Flinn Middle School.

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