Architect to Speak on City Hall Renovation

FREEPORT (WIFR) -- A local architect says it will cost the city of Freeport to restore their old city hall, but it would cost even more to build a brand new one somewhere else in town.

Freeport Mayor George Gaulrapp invited architect Gary Anderson to speak at Monday’s city council meeting about his findings from his latest inspection. Months ago, Anderson put together an estimate of what it will cost to restore the century old building, between $2.5 million and $3 million. Another estimate put restoration over $4 million. The confusion is frustrating for some neighbors who have been trying to save city hall since workers moved out two years ago.
‘I'm not quite sure what anyone would want to move out of this gorgeous building with the dome inside,” says Kay Ostberg.

“Everyone brings up money but the city's going to have to spend money to house their services someplace and not better place than this beautiful city hall building."

The city has a lease right now just down the street. It's up this fall but there is an option to renew it for another year.

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