Anti-Gun Violence Rally Outside Gander Mountain Store in Rockford

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Several Rockford neighbors gather on a local street corner in an effort to end gun violence in not only our city, but across the country.

Several anti-gun advocates showed up for a rally outside the Gander Mountain store in Rockford Saturday afternoon. The group is calling on Congress to pass stricter gun control legislation, saying there have been too many preventable shootings recently. Speakers at the event say guns are too accessible.

“They're going to get guns from somewhere but there ought to be a tougher law on the bullets that they buy and those assault weapons and different things like that. They should not even be able to find a bullet for them because why would you need that?” asks Annie Davis, who took part in the rally and is the senior pastor at Rockford’s Greater Emmanuel Church.

Gun rights activists in the Stateline say that the guns aren't the problem, it’s the people behind those weapons.

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