Hundred Experience Homelessness in Annual Event

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Sometimes you tend to not realize how much you have until it's gone. More than a hundred people are experiencing what it's like to be without a home tonight.

The annual "Sleep/Walk: Sleep a Night in My Box and Walk a Mile in My Shoes" event began tonight on the Rockford College campus.

The event gives people a chance to experience homelessness for one night by sleeping under the stars in a box. Some are experiencing the night for the first time, others say they've learned so much in past years.

"It was really heartbreaking at one point just to think that people have to sleep out every night," said Michelle Alvarez, who is camping out for her second year in a row. "And it was really cold, so people can't just go home like I did the next, that morning."

All proceeds go to the Rockford Rescue Mission.

This event kicks off national hunger and homeless awareness week.

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