Anne Frank's Stepsister Visits

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Through her famous diaries, Anne Frank gave us a better understanding of what it was like to be held prisoner in a concentration camp. Earlier today we get a unique look into frank's life, from her stepsister.

Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss spent a year in a Nazi Concentration Camp, countlessly being beaten while living in fear.

Today more than four-hundred people heard her courageous tale at the UIC College of Medicine in Rockford. Eva who now lives in London grew up in Amsterdam alongside her childhood friend and stepsister Anne Frank and went into hiding with her family to avoid Nazi capture. Ultimately, both girls and their families were deported to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. After telling this story Eva met with those who look up to her most, giving them this message...

"Life is not always easy. I know everybody gets difficult periods in their life, but life has never had so much wonderful things to offer. You have to embrace life and enjoy it because you get only one chance on Earth. You have one life and you must make the most of it."

Although Eva Schloss was silent about her own experiences for 40 years, since 1985 she has devoted herself to Holocaust education and global peace.

The 85-year-old also has written two books and she signed the Anne Frank Peace Declaration back in 1999. Her life is also the subject of a play.

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