Barn Catches Fire in Pecatonica

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PECATONICA (WIFR) – Several farm animals are dead after a Pecatonica barn was engulfed in flames this morning. Some animals did survive, however today’s blustery winds mad it more difficult for crews to battle the blaze.

“It was actually quite scary, but the animals were terrified.”

Penny Whited says she tried to save as many animals as possible after she saw smoke coming from a Pecatonica barn on Trask Bridge Road.

“We pulled up inside and helped the owners get some of the animals away from the fire.”

“It was very devastating for them.”

Some animals, including a few llamas, never made it out. “Fortunately, there was a horse saved, some cattle, and some ducks.”

“The windier it is, it spreads the fire rapidly.”

More than a dozen fire departments arrived to fight the flames, however Win-Bur-Sew Fire Chief Don Crawford says gusty winds made it even more dangerous for crews to extinguish the flames.

“One of the problems we do have is the roof has collapsed down so I’ts covering a lot of areas that are still burning underneath.”

“You do the best you can and you hope. Of course it’s very sad that not everything could come out.”

Whited says the homeowners lost more than a barn, she says they lost part of their family.

Chief Crawford says the barn is a total loss and says the homeowner also lost some farming equipment that was inside.

Fire crews are still investigating what caused the fire.

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