Amendment on Pension Changes

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A referendum will appear on the November 6th ballot, asking if legislators should be required to have a three-fifths vote to make enhancements to pension plans, and not everyone is in favor.

"We believe that we should vote no. We should demand better of our state representatives, they have totally failed to improve our terrible mess," said Jane Carrell with the Northern Illinois Tea Party.

That's the Illinois Tea Party's stance on the measure, but state lawmakers say it's at least a step in the right direction. State Senator Dave Syverson argues that though the amendment doesn't address the current pension crisis, it sends the right message to current and future legislators that passing pension increases can have a hefty impact down the road.

The problem has been in the past, we've had elected officials who have made promises that they knew they couldn't keep. We made it too easy I guess, for elected officials to make irresponsible decisions,” said Dave Syverson.

Sometimes the wording can be confusing, so you can find the exact wording in the document above.

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