UPDATE: Stolen Ambulance Found in McHenry County; Suspect arrested at Belvidere Walmart

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UPDATE: After being on the run for more than five hours police arrest the man accused of stealing an ambulance out of a local emergency rooms parking lot.

Rockford police say Paul Chandler, 51, St. Charles was taken into custody around 11:00 p.m. Wednesday. Chandler was arrested at the Belvidere Walmart.

Rockford police say Chandler took the Metro Medical Services Ambulance from the Rockford Memorial Hospital Emergency Room parking lot just before 5:00 Wednesday. Police say the suspect was seen inside the ER but they're not sure for what. The ambulance crew was standing nearby filling out paperwork when they saw the suspect walk up to it and get into the drivers seat. Paramedics tried to stop him, but police say the driver aimed the vehicle at them causing them to jump out of the way as he drove off.

The ambulance was found abandoned in Mchenry County. It's unclear how Chandler got to the Belvidere Walmart at this time. Chandler faces one count of auto theft and two counts aggravated assault.

UPDATE: The ambulance stolen from from the parking lot outside of the Emergency Room at Rockford Memorial Hospital has been found in McHenry County.

Rockford police the suspect, 51-year-old Paul Chandler of St. Charles, IL is in custody.

Police are trying to figure out why Paul allegedly stole the ambulance. Officers are now on the way to McHenry County to bring Paul back to Rockford for questioning.

Paul faces two counts of Aggravated Assault and one county of Auto Theft.

UPDATE: ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- New developments on that breaking news story we first told you about tonight on 23 News at Five. Rockford police tell us the suspect who stole an ambulance from Rockford Memorial Hospital drove the vehicle toward paramedics while he attempted to leave the scene.

Officers tell us once the man is caught he'll face assault charges. The only issue now is catching him, considering he's been on the run for more than five hours.

The ambulance was last seen south-bound on Randall Road near Elgin, IL around 7:00 p.m. Wednesday. The driver has not been spotted since, however, officer believe they've identified the suspect.

Rockford police say he's a white man in his 40's with a mustache. He took the Metro Medical Services Ambulance from the emergency room parking lot just before 5:00 p.m. Wednesday.

Police say the man had been inside the ER but they're not sure for what. As for the ambulance it was sitting near the ER running and unattended after paramedics took a patient into the hospital.

The company says they are still trying to track the ambulance with a GPS system, however, we're told they device could have been turned off.

We'll continue to follow this story for you tonight as the search continues.

UPDATE: We've been told the ambulance that police say was stolen from RMH earlier this evening has been spotted off of Big Timber Road near Elgin. We will bring you the latest as we learn more. .

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Local law enforcement are on the lookout for a stolen ambulance.

Rockford Police say a white man in his 40’s with a mustache took a Metro Medical Services Ambulance from the Emergency Room parking lot of Rockford Memorial Hospital. The vehicle looks similar to the one in the photo with the number C-37 on the side and back doors.

The suspect was last seen heading eastbound on Custer Avenue.

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