Ambulance Service Offers Free Rides for Christmas

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BELVIDERE (WIFR) -- For some, traveling to a relatives for the holidays can be a bit difficult, but there's one company that helps connect those who have trouble getting around.

Jane St. John isn't able to move around like she used to, which makes it hard to visit her daughters during the holidays.

But with the help of a local ambulance service, she's getting a free ride to see her family this Christmas.

"Oh, it means so much," said St. John. "I don't get to see them as much as I like."

For nearly two decades, Metro Medical Services has been providing free rides to those who can't drive on the holidays. Kelly Richardson said she's used the van several times to pick up her mom, considering her vehicle isn't large enough to fit her mother's wheelchair.

"We thank them so much for it," said Richardson. "We don't know if they volunteer their time. The whole thing is great because it... takes the company offering up the vans, and the drivers giving their time on the holidays."

EMT Tim Riley said he feels good knowing he's appreciated.

"Seeing the smiles on the people's faces when you can bring their family member home to spend the holidays with them," said Riley. "It's nice to be able to put family's together. Be able to spend time together in a setting that not like the nursing home. More private."

Time together to celebrate family.

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