Aldermen Consider Rental Quality Ordinance

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- New rules are in the works for Rockford landlords that would require every rental property owner to register all of their buildings with city officials.

A new ordinance on the table is designed to keep landlords in the loop when police are called to a property. A database would connect police with landlords so they'll know right away about problems such as rowdy tenants and run-down buildings. Right now, landlords say it can take several visits from the police before they know about issues at an apartment. When problems build up, landlords can face harsh penalties that could have been avoided.

“There’s just this assumption that the landlord's not doing their job and that's why the property is out of control when in a lot of cases the law makes it difficult for a landlord to regain control of a property. In the structure we have we can more quickly bring stability to neighborhoods," says Paul Arena, president of the Rockford Apartment Association.

A committee is tweaking the ordinance to make sure the information in the property database is secure and both the city and Rockford landlords understand how the registry works.

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