Alderman Proposes Enforcing Odd/ Even Parking Year Round

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A couple of fresh inches of snow covered the Stateline on Saturday, and that means drivers in Rockford needed to move their cars to the even side of the street. This parking rule is something one Rockford alderman would like to see in place year round.

The odd/even parking rule requires drivers to park their cars on the even side of the street on even numbered days, then then switch over to the odd side of the street on odd numbered days. Alderman Jeanne Oddo in the 8th Ward wants odd even parking all year round in an effort to keep the streets clean and clear of snow, leaves or debris. That way, in the winter months, the city plows and salt trucks have room to maneuver down the smaller side streets. Plus, in the warmer months, Oddo says this rule would allow the street sweepers to more easily maneuver and pick up leaves and debris.

“When we park and there are leaves, the truck goes right around, and then when that person moves their car, we've got a big old junk pile of leaves and garbage that's blown around and it doesn't make the street look very nice," says 8th Ward Alderman Jeanne Oddo.

She plans to sit down later this week with members of the Public Works Department to see what it would take to make this a new city wide rule. If not for the whole year, she'd like to see odd even parking in place from November to April.

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